cubicweb #5533333 Update QUnit to 1.18.0 [resolved]

stop using deprecated APIs and modernize tests

done in3.21.0
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closed by#7677c0401864 [devtools] qunit: update to 1.18.0 (closes #5533333)
patch[devtools] qunit: show helpful data when an assertion fails [applied][web/test] Use shorter $() instead of jQuery() [applied][devtools] qunit: use new async testing APIs [applied][devtools] qunit: use new assert APIs [applied][devtools] qunit: stop using global variables [applied][devtools] qunit: update to 1.18.0 [applied][devtools] qunit: stop using deprecated assert functions [applied][devtools] qunit: remove useless window.close() [applied][devtools] qunit: refactor functions into QUnitView [applied][web/test] Always call QUnit.ok with a message [applied][devtools] qunit: only start firefox once per test [applied][devtools] qunit: decrease test timeout [applied][devtools] qunit: increase resolution and depth of Xvfb screen [applied]