cubicweb #593193 creation of a new entity of the same type as the current one [open]

When working with CW based sites, a common need is to create another instance of same entity type as the one being browsed.


  • I'm working on a Forge, browsing Tickets in a Version and I think of a new required Ticket. In the current state, I have to know that to do this, I need to navigate back to the Project or Version, expand the Add related entry in the action box and select ticket (which is already something our customers find hard). We need a direct link for adding another ticket to the project (or to the version). Sidenote : we introduced a feature which redirects to the Version / Project after creating the Ticket. This kind of solves the "creation of many tickets" problem (at the cost of not understanding where the ticket I just created went to which is difficult for newcomers, but not the creating as you browse problem)
  • creation of top level entities (cwusers, for instance, or Projects in a forge) could benefit from this, since navigating to the start view and clicking on the '+' is not easy and not intuitive either (not to mention the add/EntityType url to be typed in the address bar, which I use but cannot recommend to our users)
  • I'm working on Pylos, browsing through the Nodes of my network, and I realize that the Node I'm looking for is not there. Same problem as above.
  • I'm pretty sure other projects using CW have similar issues.
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