cubicweb-forge #601251 rest export of a Version produces rest with errors [open]

When exporting a Version to ReST, the resulting ReST cannot always be processed by the standard docutils:

  • a common error is that bullet lists with long lines get wrapped at 80 chars, without the new lines being indented correctly, or empty lines being inserted between bullets
  • this causes messages such as (WARNING/2) Bullet list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent. when processing the file with rst2html or rst2latex
  • this ticket is deliberately formatted in a way that will trigger the problem and can therefore be used as a test case.

A solution, in my opinion, is to assume that the text present in tickets and comments with a ReST format is correctly formatted and displays nicely, and not try to reformat it smartly (at least avoid line wrapping, indenting comments on comments can be done)

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