cubicweb-leaflet #6172395 Support GeoJSON features whose properties are JSON objects [validation pending]

Currently, when using a Leaflet map with legend, each feature to plot must have a string properties attribute.

That is because the plotMapValues() function in cubes.leaflet.js has the following instruction:


However, according to GeoJSON specification,

"The value of the properties member is an object (any JSON object or a JSON null value)."

If properties is an object, the legend will display object Object...

Maybe we should expect properties to be an object and to have a well-known attribute, for example html_info, that will be used as the legend content:

"properties": {"title": "My Title", "date": "2015-01-01", "html_info": "<b>My Title</b><br>2015-01-01"}

Then the instruction would be something like:

done in0.5.0
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