cubicweb #698772 enhance the relation edition workflow [deprecated]

When working on a CW instance I found that I generally use the following actions to link an entity to another one :

  • open the subject entity in a tab and the object entity in another tab. This is generally easy because I've searched for both entities or both are easily reachable from a common view (e.g. a Project in a forge instance)
  • edit the subject entity, select the relation I want to add, scroll down the list of canditate object entities (the one I need is never listed, and generally see only entities of a totally unrelated type to what I need) and click on the correct "Seach for <entitytype>" line
  • ctrl-page down to the tab displaying the object entity I want, select the URL of that entity in the address bar, ctrl-page up to the association page, middle click to go to my object entity and click on the 'select this one' link in the association box.

That's a significant number of operations (about 12 clics) to perform a quite simple and common operation. And linking a dozen entities to a single one is a real pain.

What I suggest is displaying a text box next to the combo box where I could paste the URL of the object entity. Extra bonus point for accepting a list of URLs if the relation can be multivalued. This would mean "only" about 7 clicks to perform the operation.

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