cubicweb #739756 smart / contextual prev next links on primary views [open]

the current implementation of the prev / next links is quite dumb and leads to confusing results : you think you are browsing a result set while you are silently browsing another one.

Typical case: I display a version in the forge, and click on the first ticket of the ticket list for that version. What I would expect when clicking on the 'next' link is to see the second ticket of that version (as displayed on the primary view of the version). At the very least I would expect another ticket from the same version. I generally get some completely random ticket (to be fair, it generally is from the same project, and is not closed).

The more general description of what is expected is : I'm visualizing an element from a result set, then the prev / next links should allow me to navigate in that result set.

So when browsing tickets from a project, prev/next give me tickets from that project. When browsing tickets from a version, prev/next give me tickets from the version. When browsing tickets from a RQL Query or Bookmark, prev/next give me tickets from that Rset.

I'm reporting here because I feel that this needs support from CW, and not only from Forge.

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