cubicweb #7589459 handling '_' for translations [validation pending]

a couple of issues wrt py3k:

  • _ is injected into python's builtin module and therefor can be used without any import, making it hard to track down actual users
  • the _ = unicode idiom is used extensively, both in cubicweb and cubes

The proposed plan is to:

  • stop yams from injecting _ too (see bug
  • deprecate cubicweb's own _ that's injected into globals
  • provide cubicweb._ that can be explicitly imported by consumers (cubicweb and cubes alike)
done in3.22.0
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closed by#7f6b5f023884 [py3k] replace '_ = unicode' in global scope (closes #7589459)
patch[py3k] replace '_ = unicode' in global scope [applied][py3k] introduce cubicweb._ [applied]