cubicweb #759035 Automate addition of eid cachekey in RQL analysis [resolved]

Example is from taken the size() method of cubes.file.entities

self._cw.execute('Any LENGTH(D) WHERE X eid %(eid)s, X data D', {'eid': self.eid}, 'eid')

In this case, one info the syntactic analyser could extract is that the X variable can be either a 'File' or a 'Image' entity (which it does) and, because the 'eid' attribute of this variable X is present in the kwargs, it must be present in the cachekey ; we could thus add it automatically to reduce cachekey errors. Note that it only reduces cachekey related errors (that are critical as they are difficult to debug) in the case of eids : rql users still must keep cachekey in mind in case of RQL type ambiguity.

done in3.8.0
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