cubicweb #787103 entity schema view enhancements [resolved]

  • main tab:
    • add title to subject/object relations tables
    • columns labels on the Attributes table are wrong : col 1 should be 'name', col 2 should be 'type'
    • columns labels on the Relations table are wrong : col 1 should be 'name', col 3 should be 'object type' in the subject rels table and 'subject type' in the object rels table, col 6 should be 'relation direction' (or empty label + quick short link to the relation definition entity, since that's what actually what we need, not the current cell content ?)
    • express cardinality of relation in a nicer way, considering the role of the entity
    • proper translation of relations according to role (we should see the translated name and the actual name)
    • display the schema view on below the table instead of in a separated tab
  • permission tab:
    • should only be there for allowed users
    • should use nicer display from schemaviewer has we had before
  • the "box" view (eg schemaviewer based) of the entity schema was valuable, get it back in another tab. Set as default tab?
done in3.8.0
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