cubicweb #9177565 SQLGenObjectStore is completely broken [validation pending]

Among other things:

  • missing imports
  • bad method signature
  • No support for newly-added foreign keys and constraints

IOW: it's completely unusable in 3.21. So let's fix it, dropping some hard-to-support optimizations in the process (multiple threads):

  1. "slower-but-works" is much better than "broken"
  2. 3.22 has MassiveObjectStore which is even more optimized than SQLGenObjectStore
done in3.21.5
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closed by#a945fe89b33f [dataimport] add tests for SQLGenObjectStore (closes #9177565)
patch[dataimport] add tests for SQLGenObjectStore [applied][dataimport] separate entities table from other metadata in SQLGenObjectStore [applied][dataimport] remove threading support from SQLGenObjectStore [applied]