cubicweb #941066 clarify what is needed to make cubicweb-ctl upgrade non interactive [open]

extract from cubicweb-ctl upgrade -h:

 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 -f, --force           force command without asking confirmation
 -t cube1=X.Y.Z,cube2=X.Y.Z, --force-componant-version=cube1=X.Y.Z,cube2=X.Y.Z
                       force migration from the indicated  version for the
                       specified cube.
 -e X.Y.Z, --force-cubicweb-version=X.Y.Z
                       force migration from the indicated cubicweb version.
 -s, --fs-only         only upgrade files on the file system, not the
 -n, --nostartstop     don't try to stop instance before migration and to
                       restart it after.
 -v <0..2>, --verbosity=<0..2>
                       0: no confirmation, 1: only main commands confirmed, 2
                       ask for everything. [current: 1]
 -b <y or n>, --backup-db=<y or n>
                       Backup the instance database before upgrade. If the
                       option is ommitted, confirmation will be ask.
 -E <sources>, --ext-sources=<sources>
                       For multisources instances, specify to which sources
                       the repository should connect to for upgrading. When
                       unspecified or 'migration' is given, appropriate
                       sources for migration will be automatically selected
                       (recommended). If 'all' is given, will connect to all
                       defined sources.

So to make the command non interactive, you need "-f -v0 -b y", but casual reading suggests -f is enough.

At least, this should be documented in the book :-)

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