Script to clone a forest when hgforest does not work.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# forest clone the cubicweb mercurial repo
# need bash for cd -

repos="yams cubes/invoice cubes/company cubes/tag cubes/skillmat cubes/person cubes/folder cubes/addressbook cubes/expense cubes/workorder cubes/mailinglist cubes/shopcart cubes/workcase cubes/email cubes/book cubes/zone cubes/blog cubes/comment cubes/conference cubes/task cubes/event cubes/link cubes/i18ncontent cubes/file cubes/keyword cubes/basket ginco indexer rql logilab/constraint logilab/common logilab/mtconverter logilab/devtools cubicweb"


prefix=fcubicweb # use your favorite name, but not cubicweb
rm -rf $prefix
mkdir -p $prefix
cd $prefix

for r in $repos
        dn=`dirname ${r}`
        bn=`basename ${r}`

        mkdir -p $dn # will be a cd .
        cd $dn

        hg clone $url_prefix/${r}

        cd -

touch cubes/