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  • Report of June 16th Cubicweb Meeting

    2020/06/24 by Henri Cazottes

    Hi everyone,

    Here is the weekly report of last week meeting with some delay...

    Kanban status

    You can check the milestone here

    • Build the new cubicweb image for all the intranet apps on the public head #9
    • Add py{27,3}-from-forge to clients project to ensure we don't break everything when releasing #37
      • MR waiting on francearchive, Laurent is going to talk to Katia about it. Also Simon says that everything is fine with 3.28rc1 on data.bnf
      • all internal apps of logilab runs with 3.28rc1 and there is not bugs to signal


    • Setup a demo with a SPARQL API
      • this work has been started few years ago but today clients are interested in this feature
      • option to create an RQL-SPARQL bridge would be too long
      • work in progress to compare RQL and SPARQL expressiveness, not done yet
      • current lead: using rdflib-sqlalchemy by adding tables next to existing Cubicweb tables and creating a prototype of an OWL to YAMS converter
    • Rollback class_deprecated modifications on logilab-common
    • Continue typing other libs such as:
      • cubicweb (complex)
      • rql
      • logilab-mtconverter
        • Patrick will probably start with this before continuing on RQL
      • logilab-constrain
      • logilab-database
    • Identify "good first issue" to ease contributing
    • Think about the documentation structure and what we want to write (for the next release)
      • reduce technical debt
      • spread documentation improvements among several sprints

    Current work

    • working on fixes for YAMS tip for CW
    • reducing the load on the CI by removing some useless tests when triggered from other CI
    • adding needed commits on to update it for python3 compatibility

    See you very soon for the next report !

  • Report of June 3rd Cubicweb Meeting

    2020/06/03 by Henri Cazottes

    Hi everyrone,

    Version 3.28-rc1 is on its way! First, let's have a look to the issue board state.

    Milestone update

    • Introduced types #10
      • logilab.common.deprecation has been typed (see hackathon report below): done
    • Add tests for the content negociation !20: MR about to be accepted
    • Update logilab-common changelogs #43 : done
    • Add automatic doc re-build to the CubicWeb CI #8 : done


    • Review and accept MR !20
    • Release logilab-common and cubicweb 3.28-rc1

    Semver discussions

    Right now, dependencies are only specifying a minimal version. So if we introduce a breaking change in a new version, apps might break too. We plan to follow semver convention to prevent this from happening.

    We also discussed the idea of aligning version between compatible tools, so every major version would work with the same major version of other tools/dependencies.

    This idea will be introduced in 3.29 documentation, but will probably start with the release of Cubicweb version 4.


    Last Friday we did an internal hackathon at Logilab and Laurent, Noé and I spent time working on Cubicweb. We mainly:

    • wrote changelogs for:
      • logilab-common
      • cubicweb
    • tried to add a Merge Request template on Cubicweb
      • doesn't work on Heptapod actually, we will ask Octobus to have a look (see #46)
    • added annotation types on logilab.common.deprecated
    • improved tox.ini and added a gitlag-ci.yaml file in cube skeleton

    That's all! You should receive and email soon about the rc1 release.

    Thanks for reading,


  • Report of May 26th Cubicweb Meeting

    2020/05/26 by Henri Cazottes


    Welcome back to another weekly report! Today, the following topics have been discussed.

    Broken tests situation, follow up

    Migrating CubicWeb to Heptapod and modifications in dependencies resulted in broken tests as it was presented last week. Work has been done on Friday afternoon thanks to Simon and Laurent, but it's not fixed yet. Tox is now happy but we still have a bug on a test that succeeds locally but not when run by the CI job. We do have a lead which may concern firefox usage in headless mode. Jobs logs are available here.

    Milestone update

    • Introduced types
      • Types have been added in Yams, merge request about to be reviewed
      • We choose to dissociate this issue from the actual release as it's more related to Yams and not mandatory to release a 3.28 version.
      • Re-build ReadTheDoc for every release
      • Done for most of the dependencies but not CubicWeb yet
      • Two dependencies, mtconvert and constraint don't have doc nor tests, we think about removing them instead of creating and maintaining this code which is pretty old
    • Move to semantic versionning
      • we talked about improving dependencies requirements to ease the release process (not giving only one version)
      • we think we should stick to semver, but we need to discuss it more (should we bump all major version to the same number for interoperable dependencies, etc...)
      • As those questions need to be discussed, we choose to move this issue to the 3.29 milestone
    • Add tests to content negociation
      • Need to be done
    • Check if ?vid=rdf is still working
      • Done
      • We did spot that requesting vid=rdf or using content negotiation would not return the same RDF. We should fix this to have a more consistent behavior. Will be added for the next release.

    Todo before releasing version 3.28

    To sum up, before releasing the next CubicWeb version, we need to:

    • Fix CI tests
    • Add automatic doc re-build to the CubicWeb CI

    This should be done and released within the next two weeks.

    Side notes

    • For the next release we should align CubicWeb with changes made in Yams
    • Release early, release often

    See you next week!