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Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part II: security, testing and migration3
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part V: let's make it even more user friendly2
#154090 should be warned when '?' or '1' cardinality implies a replacement of an existing relation2
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part III: storing images on the file-system2
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb (Part I)2
#342891 Write a new tutorial example1
#1768109 [migration] add_cube will create missing entities from unrelated cubes1
#2167873 ease static data/ directory handling1
#890167 [win32/service] ctl migrate does not handle service mode1
#1809383 CWAttributeAddOp crash on sql server1
#2004109 [table] replace unclear "actions menu" with immediately addressable buttons1
#669794 font stacks: time to review & devise one ?1
#153980 bugs in migration from postgres8.1 to postgres8.31
#1251790 NOT NULL modifier not set on schema migration1
#370572 all actions visible with edit form1
#1337615 warn the user when remove_cube is asked whereas an instance is already running1
HOWTO change the value of a variable in all-in-one.conf with a migration script1
#2067560 improve rql bar: add clean field button1
#1518427 box to change selection and columns displayed1
#961831 migration failure when defining form fields1
#343022 Improve user preferences view 21
#1381385 check formats in preferences1
#1265094 cubicweb-ctl upgrade does not update modification_date in CWProperty1
#509110 action menu on tables1
#691792 permalink for tabs1
Migrating cubicweb instances - benefits from a distributed architecture1
#615353 db-restore is not clear on which passwords it is asking for1
#345569 view states / view history action of the state menu should appear differently than transition1
#1625101 sync_schema may fail to update __unique_together__1
#1402 A more friendly 4041
#1291286 easy way to link to existing or new entity1
#607347 Automatique test for migration1
#154115 ability to upload multiple files at once1
#1251298 add_cube in migration script doesn't allow to modify fsschema after1
Migration in Python Web Frameworks ORMs1
#343488 SQL error in migration script1
#564501 fckeditor crash1
#1251862 Lock migrations to avoid multiple simultaneous launches1
#710931 same usage for dump/restore1
#111853 add howto for simple launch of existing application1
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