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#246942 supporting aggregates in SET queries1
What's new in cubicweb 3.31
#1697862 ORDERBY SUM(C) seems to cancel GROUPBY1
#509109 transitivity of relationships1
#1922945 conditional log of rql queries1
#7952 bad rql yields sql syntax error1
#809460 checking of schema.py for name conventions in attributes1
#1536 planer bug w/ multisources queries and OR EXISTS1
#1475 move entity from an instance to another used as external source1
Reusing OpenData from Data.gouv.fr with CubicWeb in 2 hours1
#509108 reflexivity of relationships1
#154057 define sources in database not in config1
#1751141 rql2sql crash (probably a security insertion related bug)1
#1154756 SQL Server support : do not use LIMIT and OFFSET keywords in generated SQL1
#1784285 [rql2sql] crash when using a relation for inner and outer join1
#1382452 incorrect results with multi-source1
#481715 [multisource] optimize usage of temporary tables1
Geonames in CubicWeb !1
#726172 RQL failed to resolve Etype in multisource setup1
#1079123 Have a fetch_attr like feature for RQL requests1
#1381497 support substitution of list of elements passed to RQL IN predicate1
#1543 cross relations support in multi-sources1
#1947456 ORM should not try to re-fetch initiator relation/entity1
#712923 [multi-sources] investigate pb encountered on our internal tracker1
#1787 entities from external source proposed when searching for association1
#552878 rql bug with NOT EXISTS1
#1149 add command addsource to cubicweb-ctl1
Profiling your CubicWeb instance1
#5009 error with groubpy & orderby1
#643087 stop pretending we're offering a sql dbapi1
#2408354 sql crash on query like Any ATTR, COUNT(X) WHERE EXISTS(X related Y, Y attr ATTR)1
#1231143 [rql] add documentation for group_concat usage1
#2329133 TypeError: add_eid_restriction() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)1
#615294 reuse rql built through the use of facets1
#1368787 Database backend incoherency with boolean attributes1
#2037575 wrongly redirected to testconfig when launching execution of a test1
#1403722 multi-sources: on a forge one can create a ticket for a project from an external source1
Using RQL's HAVING clause to by-pass limitation of the WHERE clause1
#1538930 multi-sources break with HAVING queries1
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