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#2004109 [table] replace unclear "actions menu" with immediately addressable buttons2
#564501 fckeditor crash1
#1517 right boxes expand a bit too much on the left1
#636930 Put default values / helper inside input fields in automatic forms1
Strategic Content Management (http://www.alistapart.com/articles/strategic-content-management/)1
#636932 add a password/strength widget1
December 2012 CubicWeb Sprint Report1
#154090 should be warned when '?' or '1' cardinality implies a replacement of an existing relation1
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part IV: let's make it more user friendly1
#1444184 Creation Date / Modification date facets1
#1655131 make it possible to comment patchs like in steve losh's hg-review1
#2067560 improve rql bar: add clean field button1
#1518427 box to change selection and columns displayed1
#518970 form widget to tag objects on creation1
#691792 permalink for tabs1
#102086 Add friendly graphics1
#716052 strange default widget for BooleanField1
#3278461 interleave the display of comments and workflow changes for tickets1
#343789 give a pdf output to (x)html views1
#1365008 change default colour to blue1
#2790332 facet checkbox replaced by text after first use1
#1253 have a configurable html box - or card box1
#344883 Wrong comment count on blog list view1
#1655114 change the display of patches in a CWUser's page1
#1188767 facet for entities created recently1