entities similar to #153980 bugs in migration from postgres8.1 to postgres8.3
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PGStaging - setup and maintain your staging environments from your production backups (http://packages.debian.org/sid/pgstaging)2
#1113844 Migration script function to reindex a given entity1
#473794 when an entity type is renamed, physical db index should be renamed as well1
#1768109 [migration] add_cube will create missing entities from unrelated cubes1
#2167873 ease static data/ directory handling1
#890167 [win32/service] ctl migrate does not handle service mode1
#1809383 CWAttributeAddOp crash on sql server1
pypq (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pypq)1
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part II: security, testing and migration1
PgREST: Node.js in the Postgresql Database (http://pgre.st/)1
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part IV: let's make it more user friendly1
#1168 reorganize debian packages1
OPM Open PostgreSQL Monitoring (http://opm.io/)1
#1251790 NOT NULL modifier not set on schema migration1
#1337615 warn the user when remove_cube is asked whereas an instance is already running1
#993080 plpython no such file or directory1
CubicWeb using Postgresql at its best1
#607357 debian: add a tasklist for CubicWeb flavours1
#961831 migration failure when defining form fields1
#343506 Have a debian package that initialises a application during install1
#826634 add some base postgres configuration tip1
#1265094 cubicweb-ctl upgrade does not update modification_date in CWProperty1
Migrating cubicweb instances - benefits from a distributed architecture1
temporal posgresql (http://temporal.projects.pgfoundry.org/abstract.html)1
#2060065 narval-bot not installable when cubicweb is not running1
#2329133 TypeError: add_eid_restriction() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)1
#615353 db-restore is not clear on which passwords it is asking for1
#123516 we need simple steps manual configuration for postgres & likewise stuff1
#769060 # # skip registered procedure using an unavailable extension language1
#1625101 sync_schema may fail to update __unique_together__1
We're going to PGDay France, the Postgresql Community conference1
#9239572 conficting debian packages1
#123825 postgresql-plpython-8.3 debian package is not in the dependencies1
#759038 Have a debian package for cubicweb-allcubes1
testing.postgresql - sets up a postgresql instance in a temp directory, and destroys it after testing (https://bitbucket.org/tk0miya/testing.postgresql)1
#607347 Automatique test for migration1
#1251298 add_cube in migration script doesn't allow to modify fsschema after1
#343101 /var/run/cubicweb directory not found after reboot1
Migration in Python Web Frameworks ORMs1
#343488 SQL error in migration script1
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