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Debugging a memory leak in a cube2
#2204047 Start splitting background tasks handling from the Repo object1
#2200755 Split authentification logic and post authentification logic1
pyramid debug toolbar (https://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid_debugtoolbar/dev/)1
#2204164 Unify header handling in twisted and WSGI1
#1368898 cubicweb-ctl shell should have -D option so as to display tracebacks1
#2249511 handle http session cleanup with TaskManager1
#1381328 [sessions] have persistent web sessions1
#343045 In debug mode don't use the cache on index and folders1
IE Console (http://www.moxleystratton.com/files/ie-console.js?v=0.4)1
#662565 [debugging] when tracing selector we don't see 'or' / 'not' of selectors1
#2719115 naive cache on rset.get_entity prevent garbage collection1
#2249513 Configuration object should not be in charge of repository creation and access1
#2200684 Move http handling logic into cubicweb core1
#2207756 Update configuration to handle that we have multiple back-end running web handler and serve1
#3366108 [wsgi] Provide a way for cubicweb not to catch exceptions1
dogpile.cache (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/dogpile.cache)1
#2200756 clean_up base url handling regarding http and https1
#926914 [edition] ugly traceback in dev mode1
CubicWeb Sprint report for the "WSGI" team1
#2920304 [security] add a security debugging tool1
#2602161 siteinfo: don't show the connectionless sessions, only count them1
#2164478 Flexible sessions handling1
Beaker (http://beaker.groovie.org/)1