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#501411 look at foaf+ssl authentication2
#1346310 Add `Secure` attribute to cookie when navigating on https2
#1698245 Convert __message to _cwmsgid to increase security1
#511718 explain why rql expr insertion doesn't work to ease security debugging1
#656194 CW Administration: how to give dynamic permissions1
#3154558 [security] rdefs using default read permissions: just do nothing1
#1698261 ignore __message variable in GET or POST1
#1681974 cubicweb-ctl shell and migration ignores uid1
#1400 generate a google sitemap1
Persona (byMozilla Identity team) (http://identity.mozilla.com/)1
#1751141 rql2sql crash (probably a security insertion related bug)1
#102074 Pyro should run with ssl enabled1
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part II: security, testing and migration1
#2465883 users migrated by ldapuser2ldapfeed can login with empty passwords1
#501413 has_permission() should return boolean values only1
#2930861 [security] update perms fire on attributes at entity creation time1
#370633 e-mail adress should not be visible in the url1
#3770459 ldapfeed ignores ssl/tls certificates1
#2502648 info log prints out password in log1
#474704 have a conf file to avoid using a password in command line1
#2969377 [security] all add security checks must happen at commit time1
#750091 rql rewriter: support for has_*_permission in entity 'read' permission1
#2465904 upgrade weak hashes automatically on login1
#2932033 [security] consider operation checking only in securityafterupdateentity hook1
#611296 permission issue w/ rql expression on symmetric relations1
#2965518 attribute permissions: have an 'add' permission distinct from 'update'1
#1642893 Unauthorized exception gives a 500 error message1
#656193 CW development : security model1
#5731974 [schema] tighten permissions on MercurialServerConfig1
SPDY: An experimental protocol for a faster web (http://dev.chromium.org/spdy/spdy-whitepaper)1
#577964 XSS protection1
#1182 login / logout control in the web interface1
#2920304 [security] add a security debugging tool1
#1346404 Handle properly authenticated user going on a http URL1
Presenting results with different views1
What's Hawk and how to use it? (http://blog.notmyidea.org/whats-hawk-and-how-to-use-it.html)1
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