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Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint2
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 32
CubicWeb Sprint report for the "WSGI" team2
CubicWeb Sprint report for the "ZMQ" team2
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Final report2
CubicWeb sprint in Paris - 2012/02/07-102
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 12
CubicWeb sprint in Paris - 2012/12/13-142
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 42
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 22
#1373430 Have sqlite database used for tests be created in /tmp1
#661357 use sphinx extension to test code snippets1
Cubicweb sprints winter/spring 20141
#121978 web performances1
#2183880 consider loading javascript files at the bottom of the html page1
#2719114 type and source cache are filled one entity at a time1
#1424495 DELETE is sluggish when lots of entities are deleted1
Fun with graphs in apycot1
CW Sprint proposals - February 20111
CubicWeb sprint in Paris about js and css1
Undoing changes in CubicWeb1
CSS+JS sprint report - Day 1 and 2 (April 2010)1
CubicWeb sprint / winter 20141
#615290 automatic build of documentation and error reporting1
#103898 optimise the project page1
CubicWeb sprint in Paris / Need for Speed1
CubicWeb documentation mini-sprint report1
Continuous Integration platform for Mercurial with apycot1
#2164489 continuous benchmark à la pypy1
#1922945 conditional log of rql queries1
Monitor all the things! ... and early too!1
CubicWeb sprint in Paris on january 19/20/21 20111
#1373384 Cached database setup for test1
#2719110 Default primary can generate Huge query1
#1373386 Mock entity for test1
#2748359 Enable caching on project pages (and tickets)1
CubicWeb 3.6 sprint report1
CubicWeb documentation sprint in feb. 20101