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#1347486 [breadcrumbs] layout broken with long elements1
Maquetta (http://maqetta.org/)1
#723612 provide a startup page from sitemap entities1
#2072029 add css class to div for "see them all" link for pagination.1
Raphaël (http://raphaeljs.com/)1
#554810 add polished buttons1
#2930356 integrate a pictogram font1
#707764 improve css management1
#3899959 ActivityStream Presentation via CSS1
#1880740 update cubicweb.reset.css file (meyerweb.com)1
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part V: let's make it even more user friendly1
#1280176 Align left, right or center don't work anymore on images1
WeasyPrint (http://weasyprint.org/)1
#3729331 bootstrap layout is broken under IE 8.X1
#120104 css rewriting1
December 2012 CubicWeb Sprint Report1
python css sprite (http://oranlooney.com/make-css-sprites-python-image-library/)1
#615781 CSS modification - change default font for Box Title.1
Browser Scope (http://www.browserscope.org)1
CSSStyle (http://csstyle.org/)1
#731156 css support on rss feed1
Thoughts on CubicWeb 4.01
#343660 [html] Replace table by divs1
#922034 write css/js coding standard1
#893244 CSS: ``h3`` and ``h4`` are too similar1
Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development (http://www.kendoui.com/)1
#1368886 ol lists are displayed with a bullet1
#922036 use a property sheet for css (and js?)1
CubicWeb 3.9 released1
#615783 CSS modification - Login / facets ... style1
#344887 Easily insert image legend with css1
CubicWeb sprint in Paris about js and css1
#370610 Make more use of icons in cubicweb1
CSS+JS sprint report - Day 1 and 2 (April 2010)1
Page Speed (http://code.google.com/intl/fr/speed/page-speed/)1
#344249 body and incontext boxe look glued together1
#247379 [ui] bullet points appear behind image when align=left1
#113645 handle long pieces of code in content1
#344540 external_ressources: have special variables $JAVASCRIPTS and $STYLESHEETS1
#922038 css cleanup1
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