entities similar to Sparkles everywhere, CubicWeb gets fizzy
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Jena (http://jena.sourceforge.net/)2
OpenAnzo (http://www.openanzo.org/)2
dbtune (http://dbtune.org/)2
uberblic (http://uberblic.org/)2
Mulgara Semantic Store (http://www.mulgara.org/)2
Geonames in CubicWeb !2
Sesame (http://www.openrdf.org/)2
d2r (http://www4.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/bizer/d2r-server/)2
#344859 default NS in sparql queries2
sgvizler (http://code.google.com/p/sgvizler/)2
#344766 sparql: FILTER support1
sdshare (http://sdshare.org/)1
#954552 map xy to owl:sameAs1
#1430 export schema in the OWL format1
Trice (http://trice.semsol.org/)1
GeoKnow (http://geoknow.eu/Welcome.html)1
#968752 same_as cardinality should be '**'1
sparallax (http://sparallax.deri.ie/)1
Rhizomer (http://rhizomik.net/html/rhizomer/)1
Spyder (http://www.revelytix.com/content/spyder)1
Reusing OpenData from Data.gouv.fr with CubicWeb in 2 hours1
Strategic Content Management (http://www.alistapart.com/articles/strategic-content-management/)1
#344768 sparql: cast / xsd support1
Nuxeo - Digital Asset Management (http://www.nuxeo.com/en/products/dam)1
ProductDB (http://productdb.org)1
Web Data Commons (http://webdatacommons.org/)1
#607337 implement content-location during content-negotiation1
Cultural Data in Italy (http://dati.culturaitalia.it/)1
viejs (http://viejs.org/)1
#2305519 [semweb] Implement LODE Linking Open Descriptions of Events export1
#344764 sparql: OPTIONAL support1
DARQ - Federated Queries with SPARQL (http://darq.sourceforge.net/)1
Stanbol - Apache Stanbol is a modular software stack and reusable set of components for semantic content management. (http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/StanbolProposal)1
Claros Data (http://data.clarosnet.org/)1
#191597 search for LOD uses1
#2205119 Have a functionnality to configure the link rel="alternate" properties in header1
Graphity (https://github.com/Graphity)1
SPARQL 1.1 Federation Extensions (http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/WD-sparql11-federated-query-20100601/)1
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