entities similar to #522897 try to improve user input in forms using masks
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What's new in cubicweb 3.31
#1558870 [js] update to jquery 1.61
#438001 update jquery.ui to 1.7.21
Select2 (http://ivaynberg.github.io/select2/)1
#1338277 [uicfg] pb. with autoform_field wrt field class1
#663361 RQLConstraint / vocabulary interaction w/ inlined forms1
#1232264 [widget] datetime picker , time display1
Graphing version progress1
#636930 Put default values / helper inside input fields in automatic forms1
Morris.js (http://oesmith.github.com/morris.js/)1
#650337 Autogrowing textarea does not grow on paste1
#636932 add a password/strength widget1
jquery templates (https://github.com/jquery/jquery-tmpl)1
#1060505 Accessibility enhanced radio / checkbox widgets1
icon for application/pdf5minTalk on jquery (french) (jquery.pdf)1
timeago: a jQuery plugin (http://timeago.yarp.com/)1
jquery data-link (https://github.com/jquery/jquery-datalink)1
Thoughts on CubicWeb 4.01
Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development (http://www.kendoui.com/)1
timeglider: jquery timeline (http://timeglider.com/jquery/)1
#615712 replace calendar views with jQuery FullCalendar ?1
#1232201 [forms] wrong tab sequence1
jQuery SuperBox Photo display (http://www.pierrebertet.net/projects/jquery_superbox/)1
jquery tools list (http://jquerylist.com/)1
#933771 RelationField patch proposition1
#714108 [reledit] file handling1
#141239 thoughts about form handling1
#1356523 tab order broken with inline forms1
Cubicweb 3.2 : what's new1