entities similar to MS SQL Server backuping gotcha
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#1910869 cubicweb-ctl db-dump --format=portable fails with mssql2
libcloud (http://incubator.apache.org/libcloud/)1
#615840 db-dump must be always runnable1
#1382472 support entity renaming with ms sql backend1
#847652 re enable testing agains real db1
#1089207 do not encode Unicode strings from RQL statements to db encoding1
CubicWeb 3.7 released1
itsdangerous - python library (http://pythonhosted.org/itsdangerous/)1
rdf-pypath (http://code.google.com/p/rdf-pypath/)1
WeasyPrint (http://weasyprint.org/)1
#840684 some SQLServer support fix1
#5560601 [sqlserver] crash on column alteration when there are related unique together constraints1
CubicWeb 3.8 released1
#1154756 SQL Server support : do not use LIMIT and OFFSET keywords in generated SQL1
#1809383 CWAttributeAddOp crash on sql server1
#1084212 [sqlserver] ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN not supported1
#5557633 [sqlserver] crash on size constraint modification1
toppcloud (http://bitbucket.org/ianb/toppcloud/)1
CSSStyle (http://csstyle.org/)1
#591624 md5 deprecated in python2.61
#6171521 [migration/sqlserver] crash on sync_schema1
#1056023 be able to specify the schema in which DB tables are created and used1
CubicWeb 3.9 released1
Data Converter Library and Tool - Open Knowledge Foundation (http://okfnlabs.org/dataconverters/)1
#7745026 [sqlserver] drop_entity_type crashes1
#2330799 crash on db-dump --format=portable1
RDFLib (http://www.rdflib.net/)1
Redland RDF Libraries (http://librdf.org/)1
CleverCSS (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/CleverCSS/)1
#1055133 SQL Server support : string concatenation issue1
#1256568 cubicweb-ctl reset-admin-pwd does not work with sqlserver1
#3770722 drop_entity_type crash with sqlserver 20051
#901407 support for backup/restore of bfss1
#197653 Use SQLServer as a Database Backend1