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Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part IV: let's make it more user friendly3
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part III: storing images on the file-system2
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb part V: let's make it even more user friendly2
Building my photos web site with CubicWeb (Part I)2
#111853 add howto for simple launch of existing application1
#847652 re enable testing agains real db1
#1113844 Migration script function to reindex a given entity1
#1346310 Add `Secure` attribute to cookie when navigating on https1
#473794 when an entity type is renamed, physical db index should be renamed as well1
#3154558 [security] rdefs using default read permissions: just do nothing1
#1698261 ignore __message variable in GET or POST1
#342891 Write a new tutorial example1
#1681974 cubicweb-ctl shell and migration ignores uid1
#1768109 [migration] add_cube will create missing entities from unrelated cubes1
#2167873 ease static data/ directory handling1
#1751141 rql2sql crash (probably a security insertion related bug)1
#890167 [win32/service] ctl migrate does not handle service mode1
#1809383 CWAttributeAddOp crash on sql server1
#102074 Pyro should run with ssl enabled1
Browser Scope (http://www.browserscope.org)1
#2465883 users migrated by ldapuser2ldapfeed can login with empty passwords1
#501413 has_permission() should return boolean values only1
#2930861 [security] update perms fire on attributes at entity creation time1
#370633 e-mail adress should not be visible in the url1
#153980 bugs in migration from postgres8.1 to postgres8.31
#3770459 ldapfeed ignores ssl/tls certificates1
#2502648 info log prints out password in log1
#501411 look at foaf+ssl authentication1
#474704 have a conf file to avoid using a password in command line1
#1251790 NOT NULL modifier not set on schema migration1
#1337615 warn the user when remove_cube is asked whereas an instance is already running1
HOWTO change the value of a variable in all-in-one.conf with a migration script1
#2103684 use passlib (?)1
#961831 migration failure when defining form fields1
#2969377 [security] all add security checks must happen at commit time1
Unittesting with CubicWeb1
#1265094 cubicweb-ctl upgrade does not update modification_date in CWProperty1
Migrating cubicweb instances - benefits from a distributed architecture1
#750091 rql rewriter: support for has_*_permission in entity 'read' permission1
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