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What's new in CubicWeb 3.14?3
CubicWeb 3.7 released3
What's new in CubicWeb 3.173
What's new in CubicWeb 3.163
What's new in CubicWeb 3.183
CubicWeb 3.0.1 bugfix release3
What's new in CubicWeb 3.153
What's new in CubicWeb 3.193
What's new in CubicWeb 3.13?3
Cubicweb 3.2 : what's new2
What's new in CubicWeb 3.11?2
CubicWeb sprint in Paris on january 19/20/21 20112
CubicWeb 3.9 released2
What's new in cubicweb 3.32
CubicWeb sprint in Paris - 2012/12/13-142
CubicWeb sprint in Paris - 2012/02/07-102
More CubicWeb releases last week2
CubicWeb 3.8 released2
CubicWeb sprint in Paris / Need for Speed2
Cubicweb News 09.042
#969169 [inline forms] do not show the 'remove' link if cardinality is '1x'1
CubicWeb roadmap meeting on November 6th, 20141
#343246 reledit: default values are not always correctly propagated1
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 11
#344306 enhance the input of multiple entities1
CubicWeb roadmap meeting on January 8th, 20151
#2932033 [security] consider operation checking only in securityafterupdateentity hook1
#809460 checking of schema.py for name conventions in attributes1
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Final report1
#593908 explain inheritance in the schema1
ensure that 2 boolean attributes of an entity never have the same value1
CubicWeb roadmap meeting on September 4th, 20141
#1381385 check formats in preferences1
CubicWeb roadmap meeting on July 3rd, 20141
#342116 make path of bookmark editable without seeing url quoted value1
CubicWeb sprint / winter 20141
#569162 UniqueConstraint1
Cubicweb sprints winter/spring 20141
#343469 schema changes trigger alteration of the database could be reported on external sources1
#1196984 [forms/buttons] have a well-defined API to handle form buttons1
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