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outdatedyvoteAdd function to merge GeoJSON objects in a feature collection
outdatedyvoteRegister some more Postgis functions
outdatedyvoteFlake8 and copyright year fixes
in-progressocayrolDo not ignore Byte attributes when writing and reading XML
in-progressnchauvatparse OL rdf using rdflib instead of lxml
in-progressnchauvatuse cubicweb-similarity to display side-box with related books
in-progressnchauvatAdd pyramid view to serve application/ld+json
in-progressalutz[_modules/cubicweb] duplicate start function fix. Add force reload by removing pid if process is not running
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/postgresql] add custom pg_hba line in pillar & get postgresql to listen on the network optionnaly
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/postgresql] fix creating cluster with correct encoding and correct initialisation when installing postgresql-9.4
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/postgresql] use the same names for require dependencies everywhere
in-progressalutz[predicates] try/except around int cast for page_size (solves #8123231)
in-progressalutz[_modules] strip_proto moved from a module to another
in-progressalutz[monitor] watch nagios-nrpe-daemon (wip)
in-progressalutz[_modules/cubicweb] install_type default value (used to be in kwargs?)
in-progressalutz[_modules] add pyramid option to start
in-progressalutz[_modules] safer checking of instances
in-progressalutz[_modules] added a few docstrings
in-progressalutz[_modules] typo fix
in-progressalutz[_modules] restore from URL or file
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/monitor] use circus in roles
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/monitor] nagios-nrpe was id, use service name
in-progressalutz[logilab/backports] missing include
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/monitor] moved munin stats from general states to formula
in-progressalutzwip IFTIAdapter
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/monitor] conditionnal script for conf on nagios
in-progressalutz[_modules] add function to extract information from sources files (for now db-host)
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/uwsgi] add uwsgi deploiement when configured
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/postgres] whitespace cleanup
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/postgres] indentation
in-progressalutz[README] more states & formulas
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/uwsgi] fixes
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/init] remove twisted (deprecated) and has cubicweb.twisted if needed
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/pyramid] add generation pyramid.ini file
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/instances] if pyramid in pillar, include pyramid sls
in-progressalutz[cubicweb] start using top-down type includes instead of massive loops
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/pyramid] fix wrong path
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/pyramid] cw 3.24 paths
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/pyramid] fix watch
in-progressalutz[cubicweb/uwsgi] fix permissions
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