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ppepiot[sources] Stop translating validation error
ppepiot[sources] Enhance prototype of check_conf_dict
ppepiot[sources] Check sources configuration is fine on creation/modification
ppepiot[sources] Turn classmethod into standard method
ppepiot[test] Fix option name in ldap wrong group test
yvotecelery-monitor: handle REVOKED state
yvote[entities] CeleryTaskAdapter: revoke child tasks recursively
stregouet[modules] add cubicweb.versions execution function
stregouetPort to Python 3
stregouet[test] Use unittest.TestCase for non cubicweb tests
stregouetAdd composite to _agent_relation base class
stregouetBacked out changeset f4ceb0522986
stregouet[pkg] depend on cubicweb >= 3.24.0
stregouet[pkg] add missing dependencies
stregouetAdd a "dev" target to Makefile
stregouet[autopep8] E131 - Fix hanging indent for unaligned continuation line
dlaxalde[sources] Simplify source's init method
dlaxalde[test] Add some tests for hooks.syncsession
dlaxalde[test] Stop using lgc.testlib
dlaxaldecelery-monitor: fix syncing tasks for each ICeleryTask
dlaxalde[entities] add a revoke method on ICeleryTask
dlaxalde[pkg] new style cube
dlaxaldeAdd py3 tox environment
dlaxaldeDrop cube vcsfile
dlaxalde[test] use range instead of xrange
dlaxalde[autopep8] E241 - Fix extraneous whitespace around keywords
jroyreplace the search button with input-group-addon to ensure alignment
jroy[pkg] update debian packaging
fcayreBackport wfobjs resources and views from client project
fcayreDrop /etype/{id}/ links from application schema
fcayre[cwconfig] return cube name instead of package name in available_cubes() (closes #17061243)
fcayre[sources] Check source's url attribute value on creation/modification
fcayreFix some flake8 errors
celsofloresAdd a Makefile
celsoflores[autopep8] E101 - Reindent all lines
arichardson[py3k] pass bytes to fsimport
arichardson[pkg] Depends on cubicweb[pyramid] instead of pyramid-cubicweb
arichardson[views] Add view to get multiple Sitemap files and a Sitemap index
arichardson[pkg] update spec file
arichardsonAdd a "run" target to Makefile
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