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acampeascubicweb-inlineditAPI cleanup (closes #2728920)in-progress2013/03/08 13:32 UTC
acampeascubicweb-inlinedit[merge] backport stable into defaultin-progress2013/04/03 13:15 UTC
vpopescucubicweb-tracker[version_sort_value stored procedure] New implementation of semantic versioning (closes #2793859).in-progress2013/10/04 07:20 UTC
ddouardcubicweb-comment[schema] fix schemain-progress2013/10/17 09:12 UTC
cdeviennecubicweb-seo[robotstxt] Make a separate view for sitemap-enabled robots.txtin-progress2014/01/07 15:26 UTC
ksaurfeltcubicweb-brainomics[facets] use `SimpleFacetRangeRQLPathFacet` for MeasureAgeFacetin-progress2014/01/22 08:51 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-dataio[wip] External resources enrichment/alignerin-progress2014/06/05 16:11 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-brainomicswip add a cart selectionin-progress2014/06/24 16:05 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-dataio[ccplugin] Add an option for spliting importin-progress2014/06/27 08:10 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[storage] store relative paths instead of absolute ones (closes #1903304)in-progress2014/08/29 10:00 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-brainomics[domain] WIP add facets of domainsin-progress2014/09/03 14:45 UTC
nchauvatcubicweb-bookuse cubicweb-similarity to display side-box with related booksin-progress2014/11/24 20:55 UTC
nchauvatcubicweb-bookparse OL rdf using rdflib instead of lxmlin-progress2014/11/24 20:55 UTC
jcristaucubicweb-vcsfileOnly look for visible changesetsin-progress2015/01/27 13:49 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[views] Add a /stats view that returns a json representation of the instance's statsin-progress2015/02/11 12:11 UTC
ddouardcubicweb-vcsfile[views] add a RevisionListItemViewin-progress2015/05/15 09:54 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[datafeed] catch any kind of exception in DataFeedXMLParser.processin-progress2015/06/19 12:01 UTC
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/postgres] several refactorings of the cubicweb.postgres statein-progress2015/07/22 13:54 UTC
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[docker] add a Dockerfilein-progress2015/07/22 13:58 UTC
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb] use decent default values for several pillar parametersin-progress2015/07/22 14:10 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubciweb] activate cubicweb db-create instruction in pillarin-progress2015/07/23 07:56 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formulainitialize localesin-progress2015/07/23 08:00 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[postgres] add an option in pillar to make the postgres user a superuser (closes #5438073)in-progress2015/07/23 08:01 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[postgres] Manage pg_hba.conf file for conf (closes #437936)in-progress2015/07/30 19:11 UTC
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[_modules/cubicweb] duplicate start function fix. Add force reload by removing pid if process is not runningin-progress2015/07/30 19:13 UTC
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/postgresql] add custom pg_hba line in pillar & get postgresql to listen on the network optionnalyin-progress2015/07/30 19:20 UTC
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/postgresql] fix creating cluster with correct encoding and correct initialisation when installing postgresql-9.4in-progress2015/07/30 19:40 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-dataiowipin-progress2015/07/30 20:11 UTC
yvotecubicweb-datacatFlake8 and copyright year fixesoutdated2015/08/25 13:27 UTC
yvotecubicweb-datacatAdd function to merge GeoJSON objects in a feature collectionoutdated2015/08/28 10:13 UTC
yvotecubicweb-datacatRegister some more Postgis functionsoutdated2015/08/28 10:13 UTC
rcardonacubicweb-vcsfile[sobjects] Generate diff using 'hg diff' instead of 'export'in-progress2015/09/02 06:40 UTC
ocayrolcubicwebDo not ignore Byte attributes when writing and reading XMLin-progress2015/09/04 13:07 UTC
ddouardcubicweb-vcsfile[cc] add logging level options and make it possible to refresh only on repoin-progress2015/11/19 08:19 UTC
acampeascubicweb[web/test] remove useless importin-progress2015/12/01 16:00 UTC
acampeascubicweb[server/migractions] simplify the Migration Handler entry pointin-progress2016/03/16 13:40 UTC
fcayrecubicweb[predicates] Add a predicate to be used with form-related uicfg objects to select them in the context of form or subforms editing a particular 14:24 UTC
ksaurfeltcubicweb-relationwidget[creation form] display the button group on the right of the formin-progress2016/07/08 07:36 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[debian] add a lintian override for source-is-missing about jquery.flot.jsin-progress2016/07/19 07:30 UTC
lmedionicubicwebWIP [entities] consider write security when checking if a transition can be firedin-progress2016/08/29 12:22 UTC
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