CubicWeb - The Semantic Web is a construction game!

CubicWeb is a semantic web application framework, licensed under the LGPL, that empowers developers to efficiently build web applications by reusing components (called cubes) and following the well known object-oriented design principles.

Its main features are:

Built since 2000 from an R&D effort still continued, supporting 100,000s of daily visits at some production sites, CubicWeb is a proven end to end solution for semantic web application development that promotes quality, reusability and efficiency.

The unbeliever will read the tutorial and take a look at the demos.

The hacker will join development at the forge and learn how to contribute.

The impatient will move right away to Installation and set-up of a CubicWeb environment.

The chatter lover will join the jabber forum, the mailing-list and the blog.

Commercial support for CubicWeb can be found from various companies working with CubicWeb.