Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 2

During the second day of our Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint, several tasks started on the first day were completed and new tasks started:

  • Charles, Alexandre and Julien finished writing the "copy" and "move" Narval actions, and then started transforming existing apycot checkers into Narval actions.
  • Pierre-Yves managed to improve Narval reports with more explicit and relevant content.
  • Stéphanie and Alain finished the bot status view as well as the recipe graph view.
  • Katia and Aurélien finished writing the new mercurial cache solution for vcsfile and started improving the security of Narval recipes (i.e. who can start which recipe).
  • Celso kept on his life-long work of translating CubicWeb to Spanish.
  • Sylvain wrote some Narval views, improved Narval execution logs handling and kept on reviewing patches and helping various people...