CubicWeb sprint in Paris / Need for Speed

Logilab is hosting a CubicWeb sprint - 3 days in our Paris offices.

The general focus will be on speed :

  • on cubicweb-server side : improve performance of massive insertions / deletions
  • on cubicweb-client side : cache implementation, HTTP server, massive parallel usage, etc.

This sprint will take place from in April 2011 from tuesday the 26th to thursday the 28th. You are more than welcome to come along and help out, contribute, but unlike previous sprints, at least basic knowledge of CubicWeb will be required for participants since no introduction is planned.

Network resources will be available for those bringing laptops.

Address : 104 Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, Paris. Ring "Logilab" (googlemap)

Metro : Glacière

Contact :

Dates : 26/04/2011 to 28/04/2011