Hi everyone,

Here is the weekly report of last week meeting with some delay...

Kanban status

You can check the milestone here

  • Build the new cubicweb image for all the intranet apps on the public head #9
  • Add py{27,3}-from-forge to clients project to ensure we don't break everything when releasing #37
    • MR waiting on francearchive, Laurent is going to talk to Katia about it. Also Simon says that everything is fine with 3.28rc1 on data.bnf
    • all internal apps of logilab runs with 3.28rc1 and there is not bugs to signal


  • Setup a demo with a SPARQL API
    • this work has been started few years ago but today clients are interested in this feature
    • option to create an RQL-SPARQL bridge would be too long
    • work in progress to compare RQL and SPARQL expressiveness, not done yet
    • current lead: using rdflib-sqlalchemy by adding tables next to existing Cubicweb tables and creating a prototype of an OWL to YAMS converter
  • Rollback class_deprecated modifications on logilab-common
  • Continue typing other libs such as:
    • cubicweb (complex)
    • rql
    • logilab-mtconverter
      • Patrick will probably start with this before continuing on RQL
    • logilab-constrain
    • logilab-database
  • Identify "good first issue" to ease contributing
  • Think about the documentation structure and what we want to write (for the next release)
    • reduce technical debt
    • spread documentation improvements among several sprints

Current work

  • working on fixes for YAMS tip for CW
  • reducing the load on the CI by removing some useless tests when triggered from other CI
  • adding needed commits on https://github.com/logilab/yapps to update it for python3 compatibility

See you very soon for the next report !

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