Hello CubicWeb community,

It is with pleasure (and some delay) that we are proud to annonce the release of CubicWeb 3.28.

The big highlights of this release are:

  • CubicWeb handle content negociation. You can have get entity as RDF when requested in the Accept HTTP Headers (see this commit for instance)
  • CubicWeb has a new dynamic database connection pooler, which replaces the old static one. (see this commit for instance).
  • RQL resultsets now store the variables names used in the RQL Select queries. It should ease the use of rsets and will allow to build better tools (see this commit)
  • CubicWeb now requires python 3.6 as a mimimum.
  • A big upgrade in our CI workflow has been done, both for tests and documentation.
  • The development of CubicWeb has moved to Logilab's heptapod forge.

To get more details about what has been added, modified or removed, you can have a look to the complete changelog published in Cubicweb's documentation.

CubicWeb 3.28 has been published :

CubicWeb 3.29 is now on it way. We will have tomorrow (July 3rd 2020) afternoon a v-sprint (friday-sprint) to work on the documentation of CubicWeb and its satelites. See you there !