Cubicweb News 09.04

In april a bunch of bugs have been corrected on the stable branch of cubicweb (3.1 series) and we've been working on the next generation series : 3.2. Here's a quick summary of what's been going on :

  • cubicweb (the framework) was released twice with 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 which fixed a few bugs in the querier and the management screens
  • cubicweb-blog 1.5.0 was released with some improvements to the graphical rendering
  • cubicweb-tag 1.4.5 was released with notable improvements to tag clouds (added colors and better scaling of tags).
  • cubicweb-file got a bugfix in 1.4.4
  • cubicweb-mailinglist got a bugfix 1.3.1.

Next up, we are working on the 3.2.0 version of cubicweb with some particular focus on :

  • form generation
  • more explicit view registration (less magic)
  • simpler workflow definitions
  • js, css and ajax improvements

Do not hesitate to try the development branch (named tls-sprint at the moment) or read the changes at