Some new standard facets on the way

CubicWeb has this really nice builtin facet system to define restrictions filters really as easily as possible.

We've just added two new kind of facets in CubicWeb :

  • The RangeFacet which displays a slider using jquery to choose a lower bound and an upper bound. The RangeWidget works with either numerical values or date values
  • The HasRelationFacet which displays a simple checkbox and lets you refine your selection in order to get only entities that actually use this relation.

Here's an example of code that defines a facet to filter musical works according to their composition date:

class CompositionDateFacet(DateRangeFacet):
# 1. make sure this facet is displayed only on Track selection
select = & implements('Track')
# 2. give the facet an id (required by CubicWeb)
id = 'compdate-facet'
# 3. specify the attribute name that actually stores the date in the DB
rtype = 'composition_date'

And that's it, on each page displaying tracks, you'll be able to filter them according to their composition date with a jquery slider.

All this, brought by CubicWeb (in the next 3.3 version)