What's new in cubicweb 3.3

After the CubicWeb 3.2 blackout, the release early, release often mantra strikes back and CubicWeb 3.3 is out ! A few bugs were fixed, mainly migration scripts bug, and some new functionalities were added among which the long awaited standard plotting feature. We've added piechart support (with gchartwrapper) and standard plots with flot.

under creative commons by jared


  • jquery has been updated to the latest 1.3.x version
  • plotting facilities using Flot and Google Chart have been added (replacing sometimes similar facilities using matplotlib)
  • the i18n command names have been changed
  • also a non-negligible amount of internal refactorings occurred, but this should be quite transparent

Bugs fixed

  • problems with migrations using SQL has been fixed
  • bugs with the multi-source planner have been fixed
  • problems with synchronize-schema and not-null constraints
photo licenced under CreativeCommons by jared