Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on March 7th, 2014

The Logilab team holds a roadmap meeting every two months to plan its CubicWeb development effort. Here is the report about the Mar 7th, 2014 meeting. The previous report posted to the blog was the january 2014 roadmap.

Version 3.17

This version is stable but old and maintainance will stop in a few weeks (current is 3.17.13 and 3.17.14 is upcoming).

Version 3.18

This version is stable and maintained (current is 3.18.3 and 3.18.4 is upcoming).

Version 3.19

This version is about to be published. It includes a heavy refactoring that modifies sessions and sources to lay the path for CubicWeb 4.

For details read list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.19.0.

Version 3.20

This version will try to reduce as much as possible the stock of patches in the state "reviewed", "awaiting review" and "in progress". If you have had something in the works that has not been accepted yet, please ready it for 3.20 and get it merged.

It should also include the work done for CWEP-002 (computed attributes and relations) and CWEP-003 (adding a FROM clause to RQL).

For details read list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.20.0.


Here is a list of cubes that had versions published over the past two months: addressbook, awstats, blog, bootstrap, brainomics, comment, container, dataio, genomics, invoice, mediaplayer, medicalexp, neuroimaginge, person, preview, questionnaire, securityprofile, simplefacet, squareui, tag, tracker, varnish, vcwiki, vtimeline.

Here are a the new cubes we are pleased to announce:

collaboration is a building block that reuses container and helps to define collaborative workflows where entities are cloned, modified and shared.

Our priorities for the next two months are collaboration and container, then narval/apycot, then mercurial-server, then rqlcontroller and signedrequest, then imagesearch.

Mid-term goals

The work done for CWEP-0002 (computed attributes and relations) is expected to land in CubicWeb 3.20.

The work done for CWEP-0003 (explicit data source federation using FROM in RQL) is expected to land in CubicWeb 3.20.

Tools to diagnose performance issues would be very useful. Maybe in 3.21 ?

Caching session data would help and some work was done on this topic during the sprint in february. Maybe in 3.22 ?

WSGI has made progress lately, but still needs work. Maybe in 3.23 ?

RESTfulness is a goal. Maybe in 3.24 ?

Maybe 3.25 will be in fact 4.0 ?


A spring sprint will take place in Logilab's offices in Paris from April 28th to 30th. We invite all the interested parties to join us there!

Last but not least

As already said on the mailing list, other developers and contributors are more than welcome to share their own goals in order to define a roadmap that best fits everyone's needs.

Logilab's next roadmap meeting will be held at the beginning of may 2014.