CubicWeb 3.8 released

CubicWeb 3.8.0 went out last week, but now we have tested it, produced a 3.8.1, it's show time!

What's new in CubicWeb 3.8?

One of the most important change is http server update to move from deadend twisted.web2 to twisted.web. With this change comes the possibility to configure the maximum size of POST request in the configuration file (was hard-coded to 100Mo before).

Other changes include:

  • CubicWeb should now be installable through pip or easy_install. This is still experimental, and we don't use it that much so please, give us some feedback! Some cubes are now also "pipable" (comment, blog...), but more will come with new releases.
  • .execute() function lost its cache key argument. This is great news since it was a pain to explain and most cubicweb users didn't know how to handle it well (and I'm thre greatest beneficer since I won't have to explain over and over again)
  • nicer schema and workflow views
  • refactored web session handling, which should now be cleaner, clearer, hence less buggy...
  • nicer skeleton generation for new cubes, cleaner pkginfo (you don't have to define both depends / depends_cubes or recommends / recommends_cubes in the general case, and other cleanups)