CubicWeb Monthly news September 2022

Activity report

#473 Extraction of the web module into a dedicated cube

During the month of September, we met to decide on the situation regarding the extraction of the web module. As a result of these deliberations, it was decided to resume development from scratch and backout the commits made on the default branch.

The work therefore focused on the objectives defined in the milestone CubicWeb 3.38 :

  • The old Web cube has been archived, so as not to lose the developments already made
  • The web module has been checked out to a new cubicweb-web repository
  • Tests related to the web module have been extracted to the cube
  • A stable version of the cube has been released for use in CubicWeb

For the month of October, we will focus on fixing the tests that are still failing and on the implementation of DeprecationWarning that will inform developers of upcoming changes.

#133 Making entity methods available for RQL queries

Developments have been made on the rql module to add the possibility of using CubicWeb entity methods in an RQL query.

A version of rql has been released and is currently used in the default branch of CubicWeb. This feature will be available in CubicWeb 3.38

#595 Redirection to login page for some CubicWeb views

We have been reported that some CubicWeb views (/schema or /siteinfo) did not redirect to the login page when anonymous mode was disabled.

A fix has been made and delivered in version 3.37.7.


#22 Docker images are no longer available

For a few months now, the cubicweb-base image (in Buster and Bullseye versions) has no longer been uploaded to

Research is underway to try to fix this problem and be able to offer updated Docker images for CubicWeb again.

New versions

The following components were released during the month of September:

  • cubicweb 3.37.6 et 3.37.7 (with backports for 3.35 and 3.36 branches)
  • cubicweb-api 0.4.2
  • cubicweb-fluid-design-system 1.9.2
  • cubicweb-s3storage 3.3.0
  • cubicweb-saml 0.7.1
  • cubicweb-web 0.1.0
  • rql 0.39.0

See you next month!