Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on September 6th, 2013

The Logilab team holds a roadmap meeting every two months to plan its CubicWeb development effort. Here is the report about the Sept 6th, 2013 meeting. The previous report posted to the blog was the february 2013 roadmap.

Version 3.17

This version is now stable and maintained (release 3.17.7 is upcoming). It added a couple features and focused on putting CW to the diet by extracting some functionnalities provided by the core into external cubes: sioc, embed, massmailing, geocoding, etc.

For details read what's new in CubicWeb 3.17.

Version 3.18

This version is now freezed and will be published as soon as all the patches are tested and merged. Since we have a lot of work for clients until the end of the year at Logilab, the community should feel free to help (as usual) if it wants this version to be released rather sooner than later.

This version will remove the ldapuser source that is replaced by ldapfeed, implement Cross Origin Resource Sharing, drop some very old compatibility code, deprecate the old version of the multi-source system and provide various other features and bugfixes.

For details read list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.18.0.

Version 3.19

This version will probably be publish early next year (read january or february 2014) unless someone who is not working at Logilab takes responsibility for its release.

It should include the heavy refactoring work done by Pierre-Yves and Sylvain over the past year, that modifies sessions and sources to lay the path for CubicWeb 4.

For details read list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.19.0 or take a look at this head.


Since Orbui changes the organization of the default user interface on screen, it was decided to share the low-level bootstrap related views that could be shared and build a SquareUI cube that would conform design choices of the default UI.

Logilab is now developping all its new projects based on Squareui 0.2. Read about it on the mailing list archives.

Mid-term goals

The mid-term goals include better REST support (Representational State Transfer), complete WSGI (Python's Web Server Gateway Interface) and the FROM clause for RQL queries (to reinvent db federation outside of the core).


Our current plan is to extract as much as possible to cubes. We started CubicWeb many years ago with the Python motto "batteries included", but have since realized that having too much in the core contributes to making CubicWeb difficult to learn.

Since we would very much like the community to grow, we are now aiming for something more balanced, like Mercurial does. The core is designed such that most features can be developed as an extension. Once they are stable, popular extensions can be moved to the main library that is distributed with the core, and be activated with a switch in the configuration file.

Several cubes are under active development: oauth, signedrequest, dataio, etc.

Last but not least

As already said on the mailing list, other developers and contributors are more than welcome to share their own goals in order to define a roadmap that best fits everyone's needs.

Logilab's next roadmap meeting will be held at the beginning of November 2013.