Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on November 8th, 2013

The Logilab team holds a roadmap meeting every two months to plan its CubicWeb development effort. Here is the report about the Nov 8th, 2013 meeting. The previous report posted to the blog was the september 2013 roadmap.

Version 3.17

This version is stable and maintained (cubicweb 3.17.11 is upcoming).

Version 3.18

This version was supposed to be released in september or october, but is stalled at the integration stage. All open tickets were moved to 3.19 and existing patches that are not ready to be merged will be more aggressively delayed to 3.19. The goal is to release 3.18 as soon as possible.

For details read list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.18.0.

Version 3.19

This version will probably be published early next year (read january or february 2014). it is planned to include a heavy refactoring that modifies sessions and sources to lay the path for CubicWeb 4.

For details read list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.19.0.


Logilab is now developping all its new projects based on Squareui (and Bootstrap 3.0). Squareui can be considered as a usable beta, but not as feature-complete.

Logilab is looking for a UX designer to work on the general ergonomy of CubicWeb. Read the job offer.

Mid-term goals

The mid-term goals include better REST support (Representational State Transfer), complete WSGI (Python's Web Server Gateway Interface) and the FROM clause for RQL queries (to reinvent db federation outside of the core).

On the front-end side, it would be nice to be able to improve forms, maybe with client-side javascript and better support for a "json on server, js in browser" separation of concerns.


A cube oauth was contributed in large part by Unlish, a startup that is using CubicWeb to implement its service.

A cube vcwiki is being developed by Logilab, to manage the content of a wiki with a version control system (built with the cube vcsfile).

Last but not least

As already said on the mailing list, other developers and contributors are more than welcome to share their own goals in order to define a roadmap that best fits everyone's needs.

Logilab's next roadmap meeting will be held at the beginning of january 2014.