Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on May 15th, 2014

The Logilab team holds a roadmap meeting every two months to plan its CubicWeb development effort. Here is the report about the May 15th, 2014 meeting. The previous report posted to the blog was the march 2014 roadmap.


Version 3.17

This version is stable but old and maintainance will continue only as long as some customers will be willing to pay for it (current is 3.17.15).

Version 3.18

This version is stable and maintained (current is 3.18.4).

Version 3.19

This version was published at the end of April. It includes support for Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and a heavy refactoring that modifies sessions and sources to lay the path for CubicWeb 4.

For details read the release notes or the list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.19.0.

Version 3.20

This version is under development. It will try to reduce as much as possible the stock of patches in the state "reviewed", "awaiting review" and "in progress". If you have had something in the works that has not been accepted yet, please ready it for 3.20 and get it merged.

It should also include the work done for CWEP-002 (computed attributes and relations) and the merging of Connection and ClientConnection if it happens to be simple enough to get done quickly (in case the removal of dbapi would really help, this merging will wait for 3.21).

For details read list of tickets for CubicWeb 3.20.0.

Version 3.21 (or maybe 4.0?)

Removal of the dbapi and merging of CWEP-003 (adding a FROM clause to RQL).


Here is a list of cubes that had versions published over the past two months: accidents, awstats, book, bootstrap, brainomics, cmt, collaboration, condor, container, dataio, expense, faq, file, forge, forum, genomics, geocoding, inlineedit, inventory, keyword, link, mailinglist, mediaplayer, medicalexp, nazcaui, ner, neuroimaging, newsaggregator, processing, questionnaire, rqlcontroller, semnews, signedrequest, squareui, task, testcard, timesheet, tracker, treeview, vcsfile, workorder.

Here are a the new cubes we are pleased to announce:

rqlcontroller receives via a POST a list of RQL queries and executes them. This is a way to build web services.

wsme is helping build a web service API on top of a CubicWeb database.

signedrequest is a simple token based authentication system. This is a way for scripts or callback urls to access an instance without login/pwd information.

relationwidget is a widget usable in forms to edit relationships between objects. It depends on CubicWeb 3.19.

searchui is an experiment on adding blocks to the list of facets that allow building complex RQL queries step by step by clicking with the mouse instead of directly writing the RQL with the keyboard.

ckan is using the REST API of a CKAN data portal to mirror its content.


Here is the status of open CubicWeb Evolution Proposals:

CWEP-0002 is now in good shape and the goal is to have it merged into 3.20. It lacks some documentation and a migration script.

CWEP-0003 has made good progress during the latest sprint, but will need a thorough review before being merged. It will probably not be ready for 3.20 and have to wait for 3.21.

New CWEPs are expected to be written for clarifying the API of the _cw object, supporting persistent sessions and improving the performance of massive imports.

Visual identity

CubicWeb has a new logo that will appear before the end of may on its revamped homepage at https://www.cubicweb.org

Last but not least

As already said on the mailing list, other developers and contributors are more than welcome to share their own goals in order to define a roadmap that best fits everyone's needs.

Logilab's next roadmap meeting will be held at the beginning of july 2014.